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Zenon Wudang grading Syllabus

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This system is designed for full contact T'ai Chi training and fighting

No. 0030 Registered member of The T'ai Chi Union for Great Britain.

This course is based on the British National Vocational
Qualification (NVQ) Level 5 (equivalent to an academic first degree)

1. White Sash/Belt

    1. All T'ai Chi warm up exercises.
    2. The T'ai Chi Short Hand Form.
    3. Free style fixed step pushing hands 5 x 2 minute bouts.

2. Yellow Sash/Belt

    1. Short Hand form.
    2. Four Self defence moves against an attacker.
    3. Four attacks against an opponent.
    4. Fixed step free style pushing hands, 4 x 4 minutes bouts.

3. Orange Sash/Belt

    1. Short Hand form, square and round.
    2. Full short Form self defence applications.
    3. One minute of rolls.
    4. Fixed step pushing hands 3 x 5 minute bouts.

4. Green Sash/Belt

    1. Short and Long Hand forms.
    2. Any one Weapon form.
    3. Four attack techniques with that weapon.
    4. Full contact free style sparring and pin down submission holds, 4 x 3 minute bouts.

5. Blue Sash/Belt

    1. Short and Long hand forms.
    2. Two weapons and four self defence techniques with each weapon.,
    3. Give a verbal account of the Yin and Yang and the history of T'ai Chi Chuan according to Dan Docherty.
    4. Moving step pushing hands, 10 x 2 minute bouts in a circle - objective is to push opponent out of the circle.

6. Brown Sash/Belt

    1. All weapon forms.
    2. Soft weapon sparring, Sabre 'v' Spear - 2 x 3 minute bouts.
    3. Short and Long hand forms.
    4. Full contact sparring, throws and pin downs - 4 x 3 minute bouts.
    5. Dutch style pushing hands - (as practised in Holland) 5 x 2 minute bouts.

7. Black Sash/Belt

    1. All weapons and long hand form.
    2. Mirror image of short hand, and Sabre or spear forms.
    3. Short hand form with the eyes closed.
    4. Supervise and give instructions at a class.
    5. Prepare a 500 word written paper and give a 20 minutes lecture on the health benefits of practising T'ai Chi Chuan.

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