20 minutes a day


Designed for people with a busy lifestyle

Written by Michael Jacques, B.A. - Social Science, PGCE (FE),
1992 & 93 British T'ai Chi Champion, Member of the T'ai Chi Union for Great Britain. 
Instructor for the London Borough of Southwark Leisure & Recreation,
Shell International and other bodies.

Module Layout

Module:Designed for people with a busy lifestyle.

Tutor: Michael Jacques PGCE, FE

Course Duration: 12 weeks, 2hr sessions

  1. Aims/Objectives
  2. To develop the skills and knowledge of , Reiki routine exercises and T'ai Chi and be able to give instructions to people with a busy life style.

    The programme will be based on the Waylands syllabus (prepared by the Zenon Wudang T'ai Chi Chuan System, registered with T'ai Chi UK.

  3. Cognitive Outcome
  4. The student teacher will demonstrate an understanding of the meanings of Chi Kung, Reiki and T'ai Chi. S/he will be able to distinguish between substantial and insubstantial weight distribution and be able to coordinate the mind, body, practice correct breathing and be able to explain the benefits of Tai Chi to society. The student teacher will develop his/her own awareness of benefits of practicing T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and Reiki through constant practice and teaching, updating their skills annually at teacher seminars.

  5. Competence Outcome
  6. The student will demonstrate the practical skills of teaching Chi Kung, Reiki and T'ai Chi routines and exercises clearly and assertively to the client group. S/he will be able to adapt the system to the level and needs of people of all abilities.

  7. Personal Outcome
  8. The student teacher will develop a calm balanced personality with a clear understanding of the negative and positive energies empowered by the Yin and the Yang. This will facilitate an equilibrium, which will provide the student teacher with self-confidence of his/her own dynamic focus, which s/he will use to motivate others to develop their own well being. The student teacher will learn to yield and sway to and fro like a bamboo bending with the wind. S/he will learn to accommodate this flow in their daily lives and share the ability to maintain balance and control through their practice of Chi Kung, Reiki and T'ai Chi to others. The student teacher will be able to rise above stress and anxiety and be more complete in themselves through constant practice of the routine.

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The production and use of evidence

The student teacher will keep a personal reflection of the sessions and comment on what s/he learns from each lesson.

The student teacher will be able to:-

  • Demonstrate the Chi Kung, Reiki Healing exercise routine
  • Perform the T'ai Chi Handform up to its completion square or round
  • Demonstrate their ability to connect each routine to the next and his/her control of Chi flow between exercises
  • Prepare a lesson plan and give a 20 minutes lesson of T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and Reiki to people with a busy life style.
  • Explain the interactive nature of Yin and Yang
  • Maintain a reflective account of the learning process and experience of teaching people with a busy life style.

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