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By joining our Focal Point Holistic Holiday Plan (FPHHP),you pay 20 a month for 20 instalments. Then you go on a 2 weeks holiday (includes full board) on our T'ai Chi Relaxation Programme on one of the Caribbean Islands.


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The Focal Point Holistic Holidays Offers:-

    • Taoist Meditation
    • Chi Kung Healing Exercise
    • Reiki Natural Healing
    • Colour Visualisation
    • T'ai Chi Chuan
    • Therapeutic massage daily
    • Sightseeing Tours
    • Trips to Festivals, i.e., Jazz Festivals, Carnivals and many other options.


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Members of the plan receive the full services offered by the standard package of the Focal Point Holistic Holiday.

These are:

2 Star guest house in town or local wooden house in the country, meals, transportation and tours.

Free choice when you want to travel. Flights to the Caribbean range from 200 off peak and from 380 peak.

Members have 3 options

Choose your option and fill in the form below.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
20 Members

Pay 20 plan

Or 20 instalments

10 members

Pay 40

Or 10 instalments

5 Members

Pay 80 plan

Or 5 instalments

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To receive the complete Focal Point Holistic Holiday Package by post, please send 10.00, (make cheques/IMO's payable to Michael Jacques). Click here on how to make payments.


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Just fill in the form below and press submit.

I wish to become a member of Focal Point Holistic Holiday Plan

Surname:   First name:

E-mail:   Tel No:


Date of birth: Age:       Gender: Male Female


Which option interested in:  Option 1   Option 2   Option 3

Ring: 0207 407 4775, 0956 91 34 27, Michaella Wilson 001 758 459 3969

E-mail: michael@jacques4.freeserve.co.uk

Brief background information
Brief background information

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20 a month for a holiday in the Caribbean!

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