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Medical research shows that between 80 to 90%
of illnesses are stress related

T'ai Chi & Relaxation Programme is a Human Potential Training
and Development Course for business and individuals.

'Shell International' is amongst the Companies who's
staff team receive regular training in the course.

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Our Aim: - aim_btn.gif (2682 bytes) Our aim

This course has been recommended by the High Commissioner for Eastern Caribbean states, A. E. Hart, as a system of exercises which would benefit the Islands as a whole.

We are happy to offer you a list of venues where the above programme is practised. The course has received a good response from Hotels, Health clubs and from members of the public. It is about developing strong focus, personal and spiritual growth. It will enable you to identify any blockages that inhibit your success. You will learn powerful meditation and practical exercises to enable you to break through these restrictions and achieve everything your conscious mind denies to you.
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Check our venues for class times.

For an application form to enrol on this course and/or to teach this programme use this form. For examination or to be graded, please use this form.

There are many wonderful surprises in store. Life will never be the same again. To begin the training programme, visit one of our venues. Each instructor has been trained to give a very high professional student centred course.

At the end of the programme you will have learned a set of health and relaxation exercises which will prolong your life and enhance your ability to give healing to others. You will develop a more relaxed and clearer understanding of yourself and of people you interact with.

'T'ai chi is a system round, fluid balanced movements to be practised daily for health and peace of mind'.

(taken from T'ai Chi Chuan for Health and Self Defence: Philosophy and Practice by T. T. Liang, 1977.

The course book, An Introduction to Zenon Wudang T'ai Chi Chuan by M. Jacques 1995, is available in all major bookshops.

The Caribbean T'ai Chi Institute is a meeting place for people who enjoy T'ai Chi and healthy living and peace of mind. It is where people meet to exchange their love for nature. It is like the shining light that the princess of our hearts shared with us.

Accommodation at the Institute from EC$45.00 per night (c.9.00). This includes 3 meals a day. Tai Chi classes available 6am-8am (not included in the above price).  See Focal Point.

xcl.gif (1390 bytes)We can also arrange low cost flights from the UK - about 199.00 return - off peak season.

T'ai Chi courses are available internationally by arrangement. Contact the institute for details.

Sponsored by the TAI CHI UK
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