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A base for the international holistic traveller!

St Lucia is full of lush rivers, palm trees,water falls, volcanic mountains, exotic gardens and valleys, wooded estuaries and fragrances. boat.jpg (24129 bytes)

Whilst we are still developing the Farm your help and support is deeply appreciated. Focal Point can be used as a base for you to recuperate and to leave the bulk of your luggage whilst you venture round St Lucia and if you like, while you island hop to the nearby islands...


The main house The upstairs part of the house has 5 apartments designed in Creole style, with the balcony and doors leading from each apartment. Downstairs has a large space for dining, and practising T'ai Chi. There are no tables nor chairs, instead only cushions which are used for sitting on and guests eat from calabash or clay plates and cups. Wooden spoons or hands are used for consuming food.
Food cooked on
wood fire
Food is currently cooked on wood fire in coal pots in the same way it was done before electricity was brought to the island.
  1. Guests take part in the morning T'ai Chi classes.
  2. Guests will observe the no-smoking policy of the Farm.
  3. Guest will observe the no-alcohol policy of the Farm.
  4. Guest may assist in manual work on the Farm.
Facilities available The Representative will provide the guests with all the information they require. The guests will negotiate with the respective persons about the services they require. Guests may also make their own arrangements but should involve the Representative to ensure a fair deal between them and the sales person is made.fp_guide.jpg (18195 bytes)
A local guide taking a well earned rest.
Michael and Focal Point Focal Point is the brain child of Michael Jacques. It is in its initial stages of development and your visit to the Farm is greatly valued. Michael is a St Lucian and a teacher of T'ai Chi and practices Reiki Spiritual healing. He is a graduate of Social Science and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994. In 1997 he completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Michael is deeply devoted to his path in this life and have devoted his time to creating a harmonious school of peace through the practice of T'ai Chi. We hope you enjoy your stay whilst at the Focal Point and return to us again, and again, and again.


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