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The Focal Point was built in 1987 by Michael, investing all his savings to realise his dream. He then needed to raise more money to complete the project after the main building was completed. Lord Tennant approached him and offered to lease the property. This gave Michael the opportunity to come back to the UK to raise more funds. Unfortunately, after 2 years fp_palmt.jpg (18374 bytes)of living in the premises, Lord Tennant completed his own plans to build "Bang Between the Pitons". He deserted the property, leaving it to fall into disrepair. Michael, with the help of his legal representative, Peter Foster and Co, was able in September 1996 to enter his property and begin the painful job of bringing the Focal Point back to its former state.

Fortunately Michael now run a successful T'ai Chi School in the UK and Michael is now the T'ai Chi coach for the Orient & American Express hotel chains across the world. However, funds are still needed to achieve the full aim of the Focal Point. If you wish to give a contribution you may do so at the Barclays Bank, Soufriere Branch, Bridge Street, Soufriere, St Lucia, West Indies, A/C Name: Gros Piton, A/C Number: 1085061.

Your support and frequent visits will always be deeply appreciated.

The People

St Lucians are a people blessed with their African, Carib Indian, French and English ancestral history and culture. They are a fun loving people who enjoy soca, calypso and rhythmic reggae music. You better take some dance lessons in Country and Western too!! because both young and old alike are well up on the latest Western style tunes and dance routines. You will see this for yourself when you visit the dance halls and bars.

About St Lucia

For those of you who know the classic story of Helen and Troy, the beautiful maiden kidnapped by the Prince of Troy which caused the great Aegean war where great warriors gave up their lives to return her to her father's house, St Lucia is to the West Indian Islands what Helen was to Paris, her admirer and kidnapper.

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Focal Point, a place to RELAX

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A place to have fun...


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