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Send us your stories, views, videos, cassette recordings, photographs etc., etc., and we will show clips of it to our members on the Internet. If you want to we can arrange contact between you and other members. All information will be online early in the New Year 1998.

We want to hear about your favourite sports, clubs, what parties you go to, your hideouts, fashion, music, in fact anything that interest YOU!

Tell us about what's happening in your area, youth activities or whatever you feel our young members would be interested in…


Mystery Prize Offer

Enter the Open Global Painting, Photographic and Writing Competition…

Choose an exciting topic about your area or culture and send it to us. We'll put your entries onto the Internet and our members will give marks for best style, presentation and originality. The entries will have their ratings plotted where you will be able to see their marks changing per week, and after 3 months the winner will receive the mystery prize.


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