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What is ReiKi Healing?

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ReiKi is a system of natural healing involving the laying on of hands. It is believed that the technique was first used by Tibetan Buddhist monks to stimulate the body's own healing process. By placing the hands on particular areas of the recipient's body the warmth produced by the palms unblocks the dormant chi in that area. The comforting feeling of the touch creates a sense of well being in the recipient's entire body enabling them to relax, allowing their mind, body and spirit to naturally rid themselves of the stress and tension that might be present.

ReiKi is the art and science of self-empowerment used by the ancient Tibetan Lamas dating back thousands of years. It is the non-physical energy that can be accumulated by the body and guided by will. It moves through the healer and dispels blocks and negativity before being channelled through to the recipient, thus never draining the healer. In fact the more a ReiKi practitioner gives the energy, the more that is received.

Martial artists use ReiKi healing for mental and physical development. It has been identified by all cultures and consequently has a variety of names. Touch is a basic way of restoring balance, it restores a sense of trust and permissible intimacy which allows the individual time to process and absorb the many mental and physical changes brought on by today's pace of life. On a wider level, it can contribute to the individual's awareness of the many factors which affect their health and can offer them a means to take it into their own hands responsibly.

exclam.gif (1333 bytes)As the flow of ReiKi energy begins to be used by the practitioner, so the inevitable refining or the individual's own spiritual self takes place, thus creating change, dispelling negative beliefs and attitudes, and promoting a greater feeling of wellbeing. The practitioner can then access the strength to take full responsibility for their future development and conscious understanding of the changing world. ReiKi is truly the most important energy for man's future progression towards the new millennium and the transformation of the world's energyexclam.gif (1333 bytes).

ReiKi is practiced as part of the Relaxation Programme offered at The Caribbean T'ai Chi Institute by Chief Instructor Sifu Michael Jacques and his instructors.


What is Chi Kung?

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Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese system of breathing and relaxation standing postures and gentle exercises suitable for all ages. Historians believe  Chi Kung to be over 2700 years old. It is practiced largely in East Asia and is now receiving an impressive reception world wide. Research show people are turning to Chi Kung after finding both Western and Eastern medicine unsatisfactory. Chi Kung is believed to rejuvenate the body and mind helping the adept to activate the body's natural healing process so that it remains fit and healthy.

Chi Kung is an outstanding cultural heritage of ancient China, it is also a part of the Chinese medicine (see the Chi Kung Charts prepared by Sifu Michael Jacques).

The Aims of Chi Kung

  • is to prevent and cure diseases
  • strengthen the constitution
  • avoid premature ageing
  • provides a gentle massage to the internal organs.
  • prolong life.

In ancient China Chi Kung was regarded as the key to immortality. In recent years, systematic medical observation has proved that Chi Kung exercises are beneficial in the treatment of hypertension, gastric and abdominal ulcers, chronic hepatitis, arthritis, asthma and many other mental and physical ailments too numerous to list.

The Caribbean T'ai Chi Institute offers Chi Kung as part of its 12 session Relaxation Programme.

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