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by a student of the T'ai Chi Relaxation Programme.

Week 1 - 2/10/97 

Taoist Meditation

I found that practising the Taoist Meditation enabled me to be in a relaxed and positive frame of mind ready to commence the Chi Kung exercises and T'ai Chi Handform exercises. It was one of the best meditation practices that I have been able to take part in as there were no interruptions or calls on my time as is usual when I am assisting with the Waylands class, (for people with learning disabilities).

Chi Kung Exercises/Posture Techniques

I am now finding the Chi Kung exercises much easier especially combined with the breathing. I can now hold the balance technique, posture exercises much longer as my arms must be getting stronger and more used to the exercise. As the exercises are slowly executed with the breathing I can concentrate fully on what I am doing and I feel this is more beneficial to me.

Stretching Exercises/Balance Techniques

I used to be very supple and have great flexibility but since an accident combined with stress my body unfortunately seized up and I lost a great deal of my mobility. It is with great pleasure that I now feel that with the stretching exercises, I am now improving my flexibility.

T'ai Chi Handform

I feel the T'ai Chi handform is becoming more familiar to me and I feel it 'flows more'. I was very pleased to learn 'step back into seven stars' this evening.

Stress Control through Spiritual Healing

Tonight was the first time I have experienced self-healing with colours. I found the experience very moving and felt the heat of the 'chi' moving up my body. I could see the colours and the wheels whirring and could feel the light shining all around me. On discussing this after the session with my colleagues, one or two of them had very strong experiences and almost went into a trance and another felt as if the top of her head was opening up. Another was unable to see the wheels although he could see the colours. It was a very interesting experience.

NB: On suffering symptoms of cold/flu, I performed all the warm-up exercises as in 7 of Charts 1 & 2 of the Alternative Medicine - Health without pills, and felt much better the following days.








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