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Castle House, Walworth Road, London SE1 6SP
Tel: +44 (0) 207 407 4775/ 0956 91 34 37

Specialists in
Health and Sports Activities

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Demonstration from the
Centre's T'ai Chi group

Tai Chi
Kung Fu
Keep Fit

Spiritual Growth

Self Development
Natural Healing

Personal Care

Essential Oils
Organic Health Products
Full body and head massage
Beauty & hair care

Entertainment Sales

Holistic holidays and accommodation.

Books, Videos, CD Roms, Cassettes, etc

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Visit us today and begin a new chapter in your life. Meet new friends, life is too short, don't stand aside and just wait for it to pass you by. Free 1st session on selective activitieson membershp. Come in and have a chat. For membership and information contact us today.

Opening times and Prices

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