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Britainís No.1 specialist listings

of approved Tai Chi Instructors,

Healthy Eating, Venues and Holistic Holidays.

Suppliers of instructors to the New Body's Fitness Club

Therapies, the Kensington Hotel, Holmes Place,

Shell International,

London Borough of Southwark and the body fitness centre.

London Borough of Croydon etc.


25 Arrol House, Rockingham Street, London SE1 6QJ

0207 407 4775

Mobile: 0956913437


Public Information Announcement


To ensure you are receiving correct standard of teaching

when deciding to join

a class, ask to see your instructors qualifications.

All instructors should have

one of the following teaching documents.


  1. A Tai Chi UK approved Instructorís Certificate (T.C.UK) or
  2. An instructorís Diploma awarded by the Tai Chi Union
    for Great Britain(T.C.U.G.B)
  3. All instructors must hold a professional
    indemnity coaching insurance cover
    issued by The British Council for
    Chinese Martial Arts (B.C.C.M.A)



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