Directory for the Healing Arts

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Brief Summary

Financial benefits

  1. If you are an agent
  2. If you are a business
  3. If you are both an agent and business
  1. About the agent

An agent is a person who brings business to the directory

  1. the agent receives 20% of sales of businesses that is generated by his/her clients
  2. clients are businesses or individuals who sell their products or services on the Directory
  3. an account of the sales of all products and services is kept by our administration department, agents have free access to their clients records and sales
  4. agents may be self employed or be employed by the Directory
  1. Businesses
  1. the Directory has its own captive audience. Members of the Zenon Wudang T'ai Chi School use the Directory to keep up with information with classes and purchasing of course tools, books, etc.,
  2. businesses encourage their customers to use the Directory to keep up with their new products and services
  3. customers have the choice of choosing from the many other products and services that are also available on the Directory
  1. Agents/Businesses
  1. businesses that invite others to join the Directory, benefits with a 20% payment from the sales of their recruits

How the Directory makes its money

  1. products and sales
  2. customers are charged 10 to gain access to a list of addresses and information to the products and services that they want
  3. businesses and individuals are charged on a monthly basis to advertise here

Social Events

  1. the Directory holds regular social events, dances, visits to night clubs restaurants, bars, etc...
  2. the directory also provides a list of the best night spots and venues

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